Side Effects Of Saffron Extract

saffron extract side effects
saffron extract side effects
Saffron extract side effects are often ignored or underplayed. If you do a search in Google, you will find that more than half of the websites promoting saffron extract do not even mention any saffron extract side effects. Worse, I actually came across website that says there are no saffron extract side effects! That is ridiculous and outrageous. I feel it serves better justice by having another post on Saffron Extract Side Effects in more details. Users need to be aware of the positive as well as the negative aspects of any product or supplement. Let us now immerse ourselves into this important topic in this series of saffron extract reviews.

Users beware, saffron extract does have side effects WebMd. This answer does not deny or preclude any saffron extract benefits or the efficacy of saffron extract weight loss. We do need to get rid of any misunderstanding or misinterpretation here. Side effects do not equate inefficacy. Side effects are normally associated with the dosage. It is only fair to have a common understanding that this discussion here does not negate any positive effects of the saffron extract.
In my previous post on Saffron Extract Reviews, I did mention some of the saffron extract side effects associated with this ‘miracle’ weight loss supplement. However, I feel the information contained herein on side effects is necessary and of critical importance to those who intend to take or are taking saffron extract product. We do not need to expose our lives to unnecessary risks by understanding the negative effects of the supplement.

Common Saffron Extract Side Effects

Some of the side effects are minor and common. It does not matter what brand of saffron extract supplement you are taking. All brands have possible side effects. The side effects are not brand specific. They are due to the saffron extract itself. What is the reason for that? The main reason for that is because it is from a medicinal herb plant. In other words, saffron contains medicinal properties and functions. When a substance has medicinal property, it is not a food in its strictest sense and it interferes with the normal functions of the body. Please take note of this if you are taking saffron extract supplement.

Some possible common saffron extract side effects include anxiety, dryness of the mouth, giddy, nauseous, headache, lack of appetite, and allergy.These can be severe or mild depending on individuals. If you are taking the supplement, it is important for you to gauge any symptoms, mild or severe, showing up  in your body.

When you take a good look at the list of possible side effects, you probably start to feel you need to be careful when taking this potent weight loss supplement. Indeed, you should. Not everyone will feel the symptoms, because every person’s metabolism is different. You may have a higher tolerance of saffron than another person. But again, tolerance may change with prolonged consumption of the supplement. This is another caution users need to heed. I will address this next.

Warning On Prolonged Usage of Saffron Extract

While most people feel great when they start seeing the weight loss effect even days after taking the supplement, it is important to note the duration of consumption. Prolonged consumption of the supplement may trigger the onset of the common side effects. Commonly observed is most people do not show any side effects up to the first 6 weeks. Symptoms of side effects may start to show after 6 weeks. Take note of this if you are a user. Do not try to change the dosage yourself. Always take according to the recommendation.

Warning On Large Dosage

Taking very high dosage of about 12 to 20 grams of saffron extract can be fatal. Consuming moderately high doses is considered dangerous as it can result in poisoning. Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, dizziness, blood in diarrhea, yellowish skin, yellowish eyes and yellowish mucous membrane. Other poisoning symptoms are nose bleed, numbness and bleeding lips and eyelids,  and also more severe conditions.

Warnings for Pregnant Women And Women Who Are Breast-Feeding

Large intake of saffron extract by pregnant women may trigger contraction of the uterus, which could lead to miscarriage. There is no recorded incidence of saffron extract supplement causing side effects on women who are breast-feeding, but some experts are of the opinion that it is safer for them to refrain from intake of the supplement lest it may affect the infant through the breast milk.